Using the power of digital technology we empower our members to:

1. Save through the digital chama.

2. Solve immediate cash liquidity problems through the Chama awards.

3. Start income generating projects through the Chama digital credit. 

4. Endure disability of the bread winner through a digital insurance.

5. Using benefits of digital life insurance,survive the financial shocks associated with death of a bread winner.

With technology infused into the Chama,we are able to easily offer efficient,transparent,honest and affordable financial services to our members to  build their financial well being and to financially protect their loved ones.

About Us

Digital Chama & Digital Life

Aturi Africa is a digital platform that enables the individuals to pool their financial resources for mutual support to build income and for risk-sharing.We have injected modern technology into the traditional Chama to overcome its traditional challenges and bring people together to build our prosperity in the 21st Century.

 For those hard working Kenyans who desire to climb up the economic ladder, the Digital Chama is a formidable financial solution that  builds their savings, builds their income and allows them to live honorable and dignified lives. Unlike the traditional Chama, the new online and Digital Chama is fast,efficient,convenient,transparent,safe,accommodates thousands or millions of members,and is adapted to the 21st Century World and beyond.

Through this digital platform,we are enabling individuals and families to build their income levels through the Chama and reduce vulnerability to shocks through the digital insurance in a convenient,efficient,transparent and honest manner.

Because we are online,we are easily able to include members spread all over Kenya,Africa and everywhere in the world where mobile technology and mobile money have matured.

We register you onto the platform automatically when you contribute to the M-PESA paybill 759444 with your national Id as the account.From then henceforth,we stand in solidarity with you.

We  have built a technology platform to enhance living standard by stabilizing and building incomes for a shared prosperity.