A Chama Mobile App

That allows you to form a chama,manage it and contribute to it anywhere anytime.

Download The Chama App Now,Register And Make Your Dreams Come True.

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Form a chama,Manage it,Contribute to it securely and effortlessly.Anywhere Anytime.

Is it not amazing, what people can do when they come together to pursue a single goal?

  • Acquire Businesses,Property And Homes

    Join hands to enable each other acquire businesses,land,plots and build homes,apartments and commercial property.

  • Acquire Electronics,Cars And Furniture

    When we come together,it becomes easy to contribute towards buying each of us a car,electronics and even furnishing our homes.

  • Clear Critical Expenses and Bills

    With a chama,it becomes easier to clear school fees,clear hospital bills,pay insurance and even afford to send off our deceased loved ones in dignity.

Aturi Africa Chama App
Offers A Wide
Range Of Features

With it,you will never need anything else to form,join,manage or contribute to a chama.

  • Form Your Own Chama

    With Aturi Africa app,you can create a chama and become its administrator.

  • Invite Friends To Your Chama

    You can easily invite new members to your chama.

  • Join An Existing Chama

    We can join as many Chamas as our goals and as many Chamas as we are able to contribute to.

  • Pay Your Contributions

    Pay to the Chama with M-PESA,Mobile Money,Card,Paypal and Direct To Bank.

  • Keep Track Of All Of Your Chamas

    We can get statements for all your contributions,your pay outs and even do a withdraw of your savings or payouts.

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We drive financial inclusion and success by making Chamas Useful,Mainstream and Ubiquitous.
Download the App,Join us and make your dreams true.

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